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6 Distinctive Game Modes

  • Sprint

    It is a game of running over a short distance in a limited period of time. Choose your sprint distance and Get! Set! Go!

  • Stamina Lever

    This game mode is exclusively for long distance running. Challenge your stamina and set your longest running time.

  • Fast Beat

    A game of flash. Test and beat your speed limits

  • Calories Burner

    Choose a food item from the list and run to burn the respective calories.

  • Hybrid Challenge

    A game fusing Sprint, Stamina Lever and Fast beat. Set a tough goal and challenge your extreme

  • Free Run

    No Goals. No Challenges. No Competitions. Just Relax and Enjoy the pleasure of running.

Digital Arena

Turn this entire world into your playground.

Create a challenging running route in any street or pathway around you. Invite your friends to visit and complete in that route. You can customize your route by adding voice cheering or motivational quotes to it, which your friends will hear while competing in it. You can also open your arena to public, where anyone can visit and compete in it.

Blind Run

A virtual running competition

Compete with your friends from anywhere in the world. Choose a gaming mode and send a challenge invitation to your friends and compete with them from where you are. The course of game and result will be processed instantly. Distance is no more a hurdle for your competitive spirit

Daily Quest

To keep you fired up everyday

Keep your notifications ON and stay tuned to receive your 5 new stimulative quests daily. Earn various Rewards by completing all of them before end of that day.

Informative Web Dashboard

Stay Updated

You can keep track of your Complete Game Progress and statistics with I-Run Dashboard. The list of routes, total distance and time you have run while playing the game, rewards earned and many more at a single place.

Be The Best

A three way leaderboard

Checkout who is the best in I-Run community. A Three Way Leaderboard has been built on Time, Speed and Distance records. Choose one or more of your preferred category and Reach its Top to win startling rewards.

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